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Bitcoin Is Having An Impact On The Environment And Its Effects Are Huge

Bitcoin, the decentralized cryptocurrency that is "disrupting" the financial sector these days,  actually has an impact on our planet, a physical impact to be precise. No, we are not talking about its potential applications in our daily lives. We are referring to Bitcoin's electricity consumption, which is so huge it can compared to that of countries.

Einsteinium Is What Happens When Cryptocurrency Meets Science

As Bitcoin's price keeps reaching new ATHs (i.e., All-Time-High) frequently, more and more people are venturing into the cryptoverse. The number of newcomers is so high it caused a very known exchange to halt subscriptions for new clients (i.e., Bittrex). However, what most people who are not very familiar with cryptocurrencies don't know, is that new cryptocoins are popping up every now and then. One of these coins is Einsteinium. No, we are not talking about the element Einsteinium, whose atomic number is 99. 

The Real Psychological Reason Why Retail Prices Always End With .99

With the recent release of Microsoft's famous console Xbox One X, it is safe to assume that gamers' and technology enthusiasts' reactions will mostly be on the optimistic end of the scale. Currently priced at $499.99, the console surely brings a lot to the gaming table. However, what most people miss or simply don't notice, is the form in which the price is laid out. By the form, we mean the two 'nines' (e.g., $19.99) at the end of the price.

This pricing formula can be found almost in every shopping center, be it physical or electronic. A fidget spinner for $4.99, a twirling spaghetti fork for £5.99, all these are examples that illustrate the omnipresence of this pricing phenomenon. Despite its widespread use, this pricing method (a.k.a psychological or charm pricing) goes unperceived by most people, as many of them see it merely as a skin-deep practice.
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