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Einsteinium Is What Happens When Cryptocurrency Meets Science

As Bitcoin's price keeps reaching new ATHs (i.e., All-Time-High) frequently, more and more people are venturing into the cryptoverse. The number of newcomers is so high it caused a very known exchange to halt subscriptions for new clients (i.e., Bittrex). However, what most people who are not very familiar with cryptocurrencies don't know, is that new cryptocoins are popping up every now and then. One of these coins is Einsteinium. No, we are not talking about the element Einsteinium, whose atomic number is 99. 

Apparently Anyone Can Become An Internet Troll, Study Finds

Trolling, the disruptive and inflammatory behavior we witness more or less in online forums and the comment sections of websites, is an antisocial act which consists in posting derogatory and deceptive comments or replies in online communities, with the apparent objective of turning an otherwise normal discussion into destructive and unhealthy quarrels, which are driven by the users' emotional reactions to the initial trolling attempt.

While previous studies have shown that Internet trolls often exhibit traits commonly associated with psychopaths and narcissists, a recent study from Stanford University and Cornell University suggests that, under the right circumstances, even ordinary people can become trolls.
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