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The Hows And Whys Of Itching Explained

We all had those moments when an irresistible itch just happens to ignite at the exact time the series' episode we are watching reaches its climax. The vicious itch leaves us with two choices: Either we try to relieve it by scratching and risk missing our favorite TV show's best moments, or we simply resist the urge and call it a day. Oftentimes, this dilemma feels like having to choose between being killed by a firing squad or being burned at stake.
But what does science have to tell us about this unpleasant sensation?

Apparently Anyone Can Become An Internet Troll, Study Finds

Trolling, the disruptive and inflammatory behavior we witness more or less in online forums and the comment sections of websites, is an antisocial act which consists in posting derogatory and deceptive comments or replies in online communities, with the apparent objective of turning an otherwise normal discussion into destructive and unhealthy quarrels, which are driven by the users' emotional reactions to the initial trolling attempt.

While previous studies have shown that Internet trolls often exhibit traits commonly associated with psychopaths and narcissists, a recent study from Stanford University and Cornell University suggests that, under the right circumstances, even ordinary people can become trolls.

The Strange Worldwide Psychological Game You Have Been Playing Without Knowing

If you often find yourself struggling to conceal some unwanted thoughts only to discover that they become more resilient with every time you try to suppress them, then relax, psychology has a term that describes this very condition. It is called "ironic process theory" or the white bear problem and it simply means that the more we deliberately try to suppress certain thoughts, the more they are likely to emerge even stronger.
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