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Does Size Matter? Ducks Say Yes According To A Scientific Study

"Does size matter?", We all came across this question in one form or another to the point that it became almost a synonym for the word cliché. While humans, in general, give ambiguous and often different answers to this question, ducks' response to this query is a flat out "yes". A new scientific study has revealed that, when forced to compete for females, the dominant male ducks of certain species develop a very long penis, while the weaker ones grow nothing whatsoever!

The Strange Worldwide Psychological Game You Have Been Playing Without Knowing

If you often find yourself struggling to conceal some unwanted thoughts only to discover that they become more resilient with every time you try to suppress them, then relax, psychology has a term that describes this very condition. It is called "ironic process theory" or the white bear problem and it simply means that the more we deliberately try to suppress certain thoughts, the more they are likely to emerge even stronger.

Scientists Build World's First Molecular Robot Capable Of Assembling Molecules

As William Gibson once put it, "The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed", science has been blurring the boundaries between the present and the future for quite some time. In case you ever need to prove this statement to someone, take this: scientists at The University of Manchester have built the first of its kind "molecular robot" that is capable of carrying out a set of simple tasks including building other molecules.

Scientists Have Used Genetically Engineered Poliovirus To Destroy Cancer Cells

With British scientists building an artificial embryo from stem cells and their American counterparts using a modified poliovirus to fight off cancer cells, it looks like science isn't short on achievements this week. An immunotherapy technique developed by researchers in the laboratory of Matthias Gromeier at Duke University, uses an engineered hybrid of poliovirus and rhinovirus to kill off cancer cells.

New Scientific Study Shows That Jumping Spiders Walk On Eight Legs Instead Of Six

If you previously thought that jumping spiders used only six of their eight legs to walk, you might need to reconsider. A new "breakthrough" scientific paper published in in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, shows that, contrary to what was previously thought, the ant mimicking spiders actually don't walk on six legs in an attempt to trick the predators into thinking they look like an ant, but rather they walk on all their eight legs with a tricky catch. 
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